Single-serve capsule espresso machines offer you delicious espresso with a touch of a button. Lately, they’ve been wildly popular for how convenient they are, not to mention how mess-free and low-maintenance they are. But there are many options in the market, and you’re not sure which one to get. So, we’ve decided to create this comparison of the top rated single-serve espresso machines to help you with your buying decision.

These machine all share these basic features:

  • Automatic capsule piercing and ejection.
  • Push-button coffee preparation.
  • Reprogrammable coffee volume buttons.

Nespresso U Espresso Maker:

Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother

  • 19 bar pump – 25 seconds pre-heat time.
  • 27 ounce removable water tank.
  • Three espresso sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo.
  • Automatic memorization of selected cup sizes.
  • Water tank turns 180 degrees to each side so you can set it up however fits your counter space.
  • Light indicators for low water tank and full capsule container (holds up to 12 used capsules)
  • Magnetic drip tray that can be removed to fit larger cups.

The Capsules:

  • Nespresso machines are compatible with Nespresso capsules only.
  • Capsules are available in a wide range of roast and flavors.
  • There are (non-official) reusable Nespresso capsules that you can use to brew other espresso brands.

Other notes:

  • The machine requires a separately sold milk frother if you’re planning to make milk-based coffee drinks.
  • Nespresso U is the newest Nespresso machine on the market, but there are a few others available. See our post about them here: Difference between Nespresso U, Pixie and CitiZ machines


Click here to read the customer reviews of the Nespresso U and to learn more about.

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Gaggia for Illy Espresso Machine:

Gaggia for Illy Espresso Machine

  • 1 Litre water tank  (about 40 ounce).
  • Steam wand for heating and frothing milk for cappuccinos or lattes.
  • Hot water dispenser to use for other drink preparation.
  • Stainless steel boiler.
  • Mavea Water Filter – Uses a four-stage filtration process to purify tap water and reduce scale and mineral buildup.
  • Capsules container holds up to 12 capsules before having to dispose.
  • Height adjustable drip tray.

The Capsules:

  • Uses illy’s IperEspresso capsules exclusively.
  • Illy IperEspresso are available in different roasts (Dark, Medium, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Decaf… ).
  • There are no refillable/reusable IperEspresso capsules.

Click here to learn more about this machine and read the customer reviews.

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Francis Francis IperEspresso X7.1 Espresso Machine

Francis Francis for illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine

  • Cool retro look with modern efficiency.
  • 15 bar steel thermoblock pump.
  • 40 ounce water tank.
  • 2-stage brewing process to ensure a full-bodied espresso shot.
  • Pannarello steam wand which ensures easy milk frothing.

The Capsules:

  • Uses Illy’s IperEspresso capsules exclusively.

Click here to read the customer reviews and learn more about the Francis Francis X7.1

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CBTL Kaldi Beverage Center:

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer

  • A complete beverage single-serve machine that makes espresso, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • Uses 15 bar pump pressure for espresso – 3.5 bar pressure for tea and coffee.
  • 40.6 ounce removable water tank.
  • Light indicator for empty water tank.
  • Used capsule container holds up to 12 capsules.
  • Available in 4 colors.

Read our full review of the CBTL Kaldi Coffee Maker here.

The Capsules:
The machine uses capsules made by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but it’s not exclusive to that. Since the machine uses CAFFITALY system, you can buy any capsules from ANY brand as long as it’s labelled with CAFFITALY.

Other notes:
The Kaldi does not have a built-in steam wand, so you’ll want to bundle it with a milk frother if you want to make milk-based drinks.

Click here to read the customer reviews of the CBTL Kaldi Machine.

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Further Reads:

– For machines that don’t have a steam wand, check out these electric milk frothers for quick and easy milk heating and frothing.

– If you decide to go for a Nespresso machine, you’ll want one of the Nespresso capsule storage units.


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