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Philips Saeco HD8930:47 Royal One Touch Cappuccino Automatic Espresso Machine

Whether you’re looking for an automatic espresso machine for your office to keep your employees happy, or maybe you live in a household with many people in it, the Philips Saeco Royal One Touch machine is a PERFECT fit for you! With a built-in grinder, a generous water tank and bean hopper, and easy touch-button controls, this machine gives you the coffee you want fast and easy.

Features of the Philips Saeco Royal One Touch:

  • Easy to use control panel with dedicated buttons.
  • Ceramic coffee grinder – works quietly and does not rust. It also helps preserve coffee aroma.
  • Double-boiler allows you to brew coffee and froth/steam milk at the same time with no downtime between tasks.
  • Adjustable coffee temperature, strength and size.
  • Water tank capacity: 74 ounces. Bean hopper capacity: 12 ounces.

Whether you like to start your day with a shot of espresso, a long cup of black coffee, cappuccino or latte, the Philips Saeco Royal One Touch will make any of those drinks with a simple touch of a button.

Included with your machine is: water filter, Cappuccinatore, cleaning brush, measuring scoop for pre-ground coffee, brew group cleaning tablets, descaling solution, milk circuit detergent, and instructions.

The machine automatically cleans itself after each use, so it’s always ready to be used.

Click here to read more about the Philips Saeco Royal One Touch and read the customer reviews.

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What is a Dual Boiler Espresso Machine and Why Should You Buy It:

When an espresso machine is labelled with the term ‘Dual Boiler’, it means exactly what it sound like – that it has two boilers. But why would a machine two boilers instead of one? Here’s the deal:

When an espresso machine has only one boiler, that one boiler will control the temperature of the machine and help extract the espresso. But what if you want to steam or froth milk as well? When the machine has one boiler, it can only do one task at a time, either extract the espresso, give it a bit of a time then you’ll be able to steam/froth the milk.

A dual espresso machine controls those two tasks separately, one boiler handles the espresso extract and the other does the frothing. So, there’s no wait between the two tasks. A dual espresso machine is usually more powerful, extracts a better shot of espresso and allows you to make a delicious cup of coffee faster.

Which Dual Boiler Espresso Machine Should You Buy?

There are many great dual boiler machines, at a range of prices to fit every budget. In the following list, we’ve picked out the top-rated dual-boiler machines at different price ranges.

Best Dual Boiler Espresso Machines:

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