The price range of $200 to $300 is where you can get a great espresso machine with many features and still count it as an affordable option. Within that price range, you’ll find many automatic machines that pretty much give you the best espresso with a simple push of a buttonĀ  and no mess! (One of these is the Nespresso CitiZ C110 Automatic espresso machine ). So, here are some of the best espresso machines priced between $200 and $300 (prices are correct at of the writing of this post. Prices are subject to change by sellers):


DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker:

DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker

DeLonghi is one the best brands for home espresso machines, especially the smaller type of machines. The kMix machine is one of those machines that is so well-built, you will probably use it for many many years to come. With a tough die-cast aluminum exterior, this thing is built to last. You’ll notice the design is quite stunning, so you’ll be proud to have the kMix machine on display on your kitchen counter. And if you’re looking to add some color to your kitchen, it is also available in 8 vibrant colors.

Features of this machine include: a warming tray for cups (just like commercial machines!), a steam bar for milk frothing, easy button controls, you can use ground coffee or coffee pods. The material of this machine are not plastic, like the cheaper espresso makers, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

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DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker:
DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker

  • Features a patented Cappuccino System for making delicious frothy milk with ease.
  • You can choose to use coffee ground or E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pods.
  • Dual filter can make one or two shots of Espresso at the same time.
  • Built-in coffee tamper. Steam wand for frothing milk.
  • Features two separate thermostats so water and steam are controlled separately. This results in the perfect temperature shot of espresso every time!
  • Long lasting stainless steel boiler. 15 Bar Pressure.

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Cuisinart EM-100 1000-Watt 15-Bar Espresso Maker:

Cuisinart EM-100 1000-Watt 15-Bar Espresso Maker

  • Removable 53 oz. water tank.
  • Steam wand for milk frothing. Heating cup tray on top of the machine.
  • Steam/Hot Water knob: You can control whether to dispense hot water (for making other drinks) or steam for milk frothing.
  • Dual filter. You can use coffee grounds or pods.
  • Heat light indicates if the machine is ready for use or not.
  • Includes a stainless steel frothing pitcher and a measure scoop/tampering tool.

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Nespresso CitiZ D110 Espresso Maker:

Nespresso CitiZ D110 Espresso Maker

  • The easiest, mess-free way to make espresso using Nespresso’s single serve espresso capsules.
  • Make espresso with a single touch of a button!
  • Features a 33 3/4 oz water tank.19 bar pressure – more powerful espresso extraction.
  • Folding and adjustable drip tray that can accommodate all cup sizes.
  • Features two coffee options: Espresso 1.5 oz and Lungo 3 oz.
  • Nespresso capsules are available in a wide variety of delicious flavors and strength.
  • Coffee volume is programmable.

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Which One Of These Espresso Machines Should You Buy?

The DeLonghi EC702 vs. Cuisinart EM-100:

  • Essentially, both are the same, except for very few difference:
  • The Cuisinart has larger water tank (53 oz vs 44 oz)
  • The Cuisinart includes many accessories: coffee scoop, tamper and frothing jug. The DeLonghi does not.
  • The DeLonghi is slightly more powerful at 1100 Watts vs. 1000 watts for the Cuisinart.

DeLonghi kMix or DeLonghi EC702?

  • The kMix has a better exterior and design, differently more durable than the EC702.
  • The kMix also has better built portafilter and milk frothing wand.
  • The kMix is available in a wide range of colors. The EC702 has more of a traditional design.

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