How To Choose The Best Espresso Machine For Your Home, According To Your Needs and Budget.

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Kinds of Espresso Machines You Can Get:

Espresso Machines

There are a number of espresso machines available on the market. Which one would be the right one for you?

Steam espresso machines are a very affordable low-budget espresso machine that uses steam to brew a full cup of coffee rather than the regular shot of espresso. Prices for  this type of machine range from $30 to $60, depending on the quality of the machine.

– Pump espresso machines is what you want for a real shot of espresso. The machines uses a pump that forces water to brew a full-bodied shot of espresso with excellent crema that you can drink or use as the base of any coffee drink. Good news is, prices for a pump-driven machine start at LESS than $100 for a basic machine.

The majority of espresso machines are Pump-driven, which is great for you. But, there are still many choices to pick from. Will you prefer:

a manual espresso machine? which is the most basic espresso machine available.
a semi-automatic espresso machine? which will automatically adjust the right temperature and steam level for you but will level a few other options for you to adjust (for extra customization).
An automatic espresso machine – usually includes a built-in grinder and automatically grinds and doses coffee to brew you espresso with a touch of a button.
– Or lastly, but certainly not least, a super-automatic espresso machine, that is very well named as it’s quite super: it automatically grinds, brews coffee, froths milk, cleans and maintains itself automatically. It comes with quite a price tag, though.
And let’s not forget the single-serve espresso machines; fully automatic budget machines with pre-measured coffee capsules for a convenient cup of espresso with a touch of a button!

Read more on how to choose the right espresso machine for you, and which type of espresso machine is right for you.

An Espresso Machine for Every Budget:

Decided on your budget yet? While there’s an espresso machine for every budget, the machines varies in their features, quality and durability.

– You can get a basic espresso machine for under $100, or if you can stretch your budget up to $300, you can get a more durable machine with better features.

– For $500 and under, you can get a pretty decent semi-automatic or automatic espresso machine.

– A budget of $500 to $900 can take you to the world of automatic espresso machines which will have you enjoying your coffee with minimal effort on your part.

Got more than $1000 to spend on a machine? Say hello to a luxurious super-automatic espresso machine!

The Ultimate Convenience of The Single-Serve Espresso Machine:

single-serve machines

You’ve probably heard of single-serve espresso machines by now. They give you the convenience of an automatic espresso machine, with the price of an affordable espresso machine of $300 and under.  Single-serve espresso machines use special capsules that already have the measure of coffee required for the perfect shot of espresso. You simply insert the capsule into the machine and push a button to get your shot of espresso! No mess, no clean up!

Pros of Single-Serve Espresso Machine:

  • Convenience: it brews coffee quickly and easily.
  • Minimal clean-up required: the capsule you brew usually goes into a used-capsule drawer that holds 10 to 16 capsules (depending on the machine) before you have to discard them. So no clean-up time required after you brew your espresso.

Cons of single-serve espresso machines:

  • Most single-serve machines brands only allow their own brand of capsules to be used with their machines. So, if you commit to a machine, you commit to one brand of coffee.
  • The price of capsules can get expensive, depending on which brand you settle on. One cup of coffee can cost you anywhere from $0.60 to $1 per cup, which is still A LOT cheaper than your coffee chain espresso or coffee drink.

Which Single-Serve Espresso Machine is Best?

Nespresso U D50 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother

We have a comparison of single-serve espresso machines here, but right now, the most popular single-serve in the market is Nespresso. It offers a wide range of machines, and a large variety of coffee blends for their capsules. Using a Nespresso machine, you can brew a shot of Espresso, or by using their electric milk frother (or any other frother, for that matter), you can create all sorts of delicious gourmet coffee drinks.

Which Nespresso Machine is Best to Buy?

The top three Nespresso machines are now are Nespresso U, Nespresso Pixie and Nespresso CitiZ. You can read our comparison for each machine to decide which one is best for you.

Other Single-Serve espresso machine brands include: CBTL Single-Serve brewing center, Gaggia for illy, Francis Francis for illy and Keurig  Rivo for Lavazza.


Now we’ve got the espresso machines covered, it’s time to decide which type of coffee it best o brew, how to grind it, and how to prepare your favorite coffee drinks….

Which Coffee Is Best for Espresso?

whole bean coffee

One of the biggest misinformation people have about espresso is that it’s a type of coffee. Well, that’s partially true… but Espresso is actually the name of the METHOD the coffee is brewed in, and not the coffee bean itself. Selecting the right coffee bean for espresso will depend on how you like your coffee: do you prefer a mild taste? then go for a medium roast. If you like a strong and full coffee taste, then you’ll want a dark roast. Click here for some coffee bean recommendations for espresso.

How to Grind Your Coffee for Espresso?

To make the perfect shot of espresso, your coffee must be freshly ground, right before you brew it. If you decided to go for an espresso machine with a built-in grinder, this shouldn’t be an issue as the machine will grind the coffee for you automatically before brewing. If you go for another type of machine, then you’ll definitely need a grinder.

The best type of coffee grinder for espresso is a conical burr grinder, that’s a grinder that uses steel burrs that slowly rotate to perfectly grind the beans quietly and without a mess. To brew espresso, the coffee must be very finely ground.

Many people decide to skimp on the coffee grinder, and that’s the worst decision you can make. The coffee ground you use will make or break the quality of your espresso, and you’ll throw the blame on the machine when it’s actually the coffee you’re using that could be wrong.

You can see our recommendations for best conical burr grinders under $200. Alternatively, you can buy pre-ground coffee as long as you use it within a week and store the coffee the best way possible.

Preparing the Best Cup of Cappuccino or Latte at Home:

Cappuccino vs. Latte, What is the Difference?


The difference is quite simple, it has to do with the texture and volume of milk that each drink contains:

  • Cappuccino contains a shot of espresso, steamed milk and is topped with a generous amount of milk foam.
  • Latte contains espresso, steamed milk (more than a Cappuccino) and very little foam.

Now you’ve decided to get an espresso machine, making those drinks at home is easier than ever, and will cost you a fraction of your favorite cafe’s price.

If your espresso machine includes a built-in milk frother, it makes the process of making your favorite drink easy. If not, you can still make them by using an electric milk frother. You can also get creative and add different flavors to your coffee, and once you get the hang of all the required tasks, you should be able to take your new skill to the next level and make beautiful latte art!

All this information should cover the basics of everything you need to know about espresso machines for home and making espresso and coffee drinks.

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